Our products. Problem solved.

Too many babies get stuck, and even injured, in their crib slats. It can be painful for babies, scary for moms and dads — not to mention exhausting. So we design, manufacture and sell simple, smart, safe sleep products that help caregivers feel more confident and in control.

Putting safety first sparked the invention of the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner – the original crib liner, with millions sold worldwide. Unlike padded crib bumpers, our mesh crib liners keep little limbs safely inside the crib without the risk of restricted airflow.

This game-changing alternative to conventional crib bumpers set the bar in breathability. And it was just the beginning. safety continues to inspire innovations – like the Breathable Mesh Crib, a new standard in safe sleep that combines the strength and integrity of traditional wood cribs – with our patented Breathable mesh.

The growing family of products also includes eco-conscious mattresses, unique three-position swaddles, and more. BreathableBaby is all about helping moms and dads feel confident and in control – and get some sleep!

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